The bathroom doesn’t have to be fancy. The important thing is there is a tub or shower, toilet, sink, bathroom vanities, and other equipment. The bathroom is never used for more than an hour, but that does not mean this small room is not regulated on how to organize and design a bathroom. As with any other room in the house, the bathroom also needs to be considered for its health so that the way to organize it must also be considered bathroom vanities.

Moisture is the most common problem found in the bathroom. Humid air has the potential to cause mildew and mold, which eventually also has the potential to cause germs. Although washing the body may only take 15-30 minutes, who wants to do it in a dirty bathroom because of moss and smell.

Do you want to get a healthy bathroom? here are 6 tips on how to organize and design it to be healthy.

1. Plumbing in a parallel layout
Do you know if creating pipelines that have too many connections and turns has the potential to cause problems? The problem that often occurs is leaking, clogged, damaged construction. For this reason, plan furniture with a layout that is in line with the pipe network. You can change a bad pipeline with help from well-known planners in your area.

2. Wet and dry area
Making the separation of wet and dry areas is useful to avoid damp, soapy puddles, and the risk of people slipping. This concept has been widely applied in star hotels. In dry areas, there are usually toilets, sinks, and cabinets. While in the wet area there is a shower or bathtub. As a dividing area, there are 2 choices, namely using plastic or glass curtains.

3. Avoid touch
To avoid direct contact with objects that are prone to germs, you can use a toilet stamp, urinal infrared, to the sliding door. In addition, for easy cleaning, choose simple-shaped furniture, such as a tap or shower that has not many curves. If you have 2 adjoining bathrooms, use a hanging partition wall. Open space under this wall will launch air circulation.

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